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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

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Straight boys going gay porn: Being careful not to crush a beer. He put the beer in the truck carefully next to the bread and eggs.

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Running in honor of his mother. Live within its loose clothing. In the hood and sweatpants and bright woven canvas pumps. Among the detergent, he again sees the shining boy.

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Wet patch in bloom in front of his trousers. One of your items must be leak sir. He hears the checkout girl through the fog.

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Sometimes snap wire pliers with my own silence seems an insult to God. Suits me just fine. Flying and the wind rustling cotton and grain.

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I watched the darkening sky. But no one, no matter how tough, I can not look at nature without any fear, tornadoes land records. Some people tell me that I'm a monster human sense, I think I have an unusually strong and well built.

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